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“Bridge” - Black Walnut – base, black stained Walnut – 45 x 20 x 6 – 2018 – Recently completed commission for the 150 year celebration of McDaniel College, Westminster, MD – My grandfather graduated here in 1900 – his class had 22 students – my aunt graduated in 1930 with a class of 107 and I graduated in 1969 with 175 in my class – Our son, Andrew, #asartoriusceramics
, will teach ceramics in a wonderful summer program at McDaniel called Common Ground on the Hill, #commongroundonthehill This summer. Walt Michael, the visionary director of Common Ground conceived the commission and found funding.
This sculpture uses wood from my grandfather’s walnut tree - after he passed at age 103 in 1982 the family let me take the tree down and I have used the beautiful and meaningful wood for various projects throughout my career - The theme for the work came from the college seal where “I call you out of darkness into light” appears in Latin. Coming off months of not working it was challenging but rewarding to start with such a large piece. SOLDPhotography by Jim Osborn



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