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"Ditch Digger" - 14.5 x 14 x 4.5 – Black Walnut Stump - One of the most personal sculptures I've carved - In the early 1980s my grandfather passed away – he was quite a character and we always got along well – before my family sold his property I asked if I could remove Granddad's walnut tree – they gave me the go ahead and I had the tree taken down and the stump dug up – I still have quite a lot of this special tree - Ditch Digger is a reference to something my father often said to me when I was a young man - "I don't care what you do but even if you become a ditch digger I want you to be the best ditch digger - So……. For my father who didn't live to see any of my success – carving is my ditch digging - NFS.  Photography by Jim Osborn.




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