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“Homage” - Cocobolo – 14 x 11 x 5 - Homage shows a large spoon representing my career resting on a bowl carved in the style of New Jersey/Pennsylvania craft artist Emil Milan (1922-1985) - Emil Milan taught my first teachers, Phil & Sandye Jurus. Even though I never met Emil Milan I believe my style of work and some of my tool use traces directly back to him. This was carved for the show, “Is Ornament a Crime”, curated for the Collectors of Wood Art by Cindi Strauss who at the time was the decorative arts curator of the Museum of Fine Art, Houston. This exhibition was featured during the Sculptural Objects & Functional Art (SOFA) show in Chicago, November of 2010. In addition to the subject being personal and biographical, this sculpture was carved from a cast off piece of Cocobolo salvaged from the old derelict barn used as a shop until 1985 by Emil Milan near Thompson, PA. The steel stand was made by Mark Nantz and these two photos were taken by Mark as well.

My thanks to Pat Kane, Curator of American Decorative Arts at the Yale Art Gallery for selecting Homage for the permanent collection. In addition, I am grateful to Ken Spitzbard, for purchasing and donating Homage.


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