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Photograph by Jim Osborne

Photograph by Mark Nantz


"Orionid" - Katalox Sapwood Burl Spoon 13 x 7 x 2.25 - Orionid is named for the annual October meteor shower. Meteors create streaks of light as they enter the atmosphere and depicting this seemed more appropriate in a light wood - Meteors also have a "now you see it, now you don't" quality. On this spoon the handle heads for the spoon bowl but disappears and reappears as another streak closer to the bowl - focusing closely on the grain in this amazing wood is another journey into the universe - RETIRED.  Photography by Jim Osborn/Mark Nantz, as noted above.

Orionid will appear in a special Collectors of Wood Art show at SOFA Chicago, November 3 6 at the Navy Pier in Chicago. Purchases from that show will be handled by sponsoring galleries.

Why Wood? Contemporary Practice in a Timeless Material

The practice of woodworking spans millennia of artistic endeavors and parallels the trajectory of human achievement. Wood continues to provide inspiration to emerging generations of makers across a spectrum of creative practices. And yet, as concern for the sustainability and conservation of our treasured natural resources intensifies, artists continue to explore the properties of this rarefying substance. Through contemporary works that push the boundaries of the material and mine its properties for inspiration, we encounter the eternal qualities of wood that perpetuate dialogues between makers and material.

Featuring a wide range of contemporary art and design by artists currently working with wood, this special exhibit was conceived and will be executed by Collectors of Wood Art, a non-profit organization committed to the development and appreciation of studio wood art (including turned objects, sculpture, and furniture) among collectors, artists, educators, art critics, galleries, museums, and the general public. CWA focuses on: helping people fully appreciate/participate in the field; increasing awareness/acceptance of wood as a special medium for artistic expression; supporting scholarship in the field; and encouraging and recognizing creativity of artists using the medium.

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